For us or against us?

Sunday’s and Monday’s readings repeat the story of the unknown follower casting out demons in Jesus’ name, and the disciples attempt to stop him.

Both renderings are very much the same. The disciples come across someone they don’t know using the Master’s name to heal. What would you do in this situation? For the disciples the answer is clear: This fellow isn’t following Jesus with them (and to be fair, they seem to be pretty much alone in this journey, against a lot of powerful opposition), so they try to stop him. They might be thinking this man could be a spy attempting to draw them out and make them know to authorities who could stop them, or they may be afraid that he is using Jesus’ name incorrectly, or maybe their identities as the closest followers of Christ are threatened. But the bottom line is that they make “being one of us” more important than “doing the work of Jesus.”

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