What are you expecting?

Last night @Ka1r0s, Maria led a wonderful devotion on Luke 7:18-35. There’s a lot going on here in this story of John the Baptizer sending his disciples to check Jesus out, to see if he is really the one they have been waiting for. If you weren’t with us, read the story. (Go ahead, click the link above. I’ll wait….)

Do you notice fear, or human attempts to direct God, or other dynamics at work in this story? What do you make of Jesus’ response to John’s challenge — “Are you the one? Or are we still waiting?” Note how Jesus heals and restores, then asks “Is this what you were expecting? If so, you are fortunate.”

John was the one who initially “got” Jesus’ message, so if he is confused, I guess we shouldn’t feel so bad about our wondering and wandering.

Be honest, is Jesus what you expect? Did you sign on for the last being first (and the first, last)? For finding your life by losing it? For letting go of the attachments that bind you? Where do your expectations get in the way of listening to Christ? What expectations do you have that draw you to him?

Let’s discuss. Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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