Advent 2: a great reversal

This week we continue to explore the “Good News” through Mary’s eyes. After Mary learned that she was pregnant, she visited an elderly relative, Elizabeth, who was also expecting a child (John the Baptist). When the two met Mary praised God with words that foreshadow Jesus’ main theme, that God’s love and mercy are not just for the strong and the holy, but also for the weak and the lowly.

Check out Luke 1:39-55 at

Mary’s words get at the powerful center of the gospel, the “great reversal” that her son Jesus will preach and, eventually, be killed for: God provides for, and loves (to death) all those who humbly seek him and are willing to be who God created them to be.

Being pious and holier-than-thou doesn’t cut it. Following religious rituals and practices isn’t the answer (although they can be helpful in developing spiritually if used well). Jesus’ core teachings are so simple – forgiveness, reconciliation, care for the poor, loving one’s enemies – that you can spend your entire life on them.

This week our plan is simple…to contemplate where we hear good news and “bad news” in Mary’s words, and how God is calling us to be good news to others. Join us Sunday, Dec. 6 at 4 pm at Fletchers’. Call Bob at 267.702.4262 to find out more.

To get a different take on Mary’s song, check out this recording by JJ Heller, called “My Savior’s Love Endures”:

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Another favorite is “The Canticle of the Turning,” lyrics here:

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