Weekly Readings for 1/11 – 1/17

Daily Reading for Monday (1/11)
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Mark 1:14-20 [M] [NRS]
“The kingdom of God is at hand”

Daily Reading for Tuesday (1/12)
Mark 1:21-28 [M] [NRS]
“Jesus taught them as one who had authority”

Daily Reading for Wednesday (1/13)
Mark 1:29-39 [M] [NRS]
“They brought to Jesus all who were sick or possessed with demons”

Daily Reading for Thursday (1/14)
Mark 1:40-45 [M] [NRS]
“People came to Jesus from every quarter”

Daily Reading for Friday (1/15)
Mark 2:1-12 [M] [NRS]
“We never saw anything like this!”

Daily Reading for Saturday (1/16)
Mark 2:13-17 [M] [NRS]
“Many tax collectors and sinners were sitting with Jesus”

Daily Reading for Sunday (1/17)
John 2:1-12 [M] [NRS]
“Jesus manifested his glory at Cana”

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