On Haiti

Our kids have directed their Advent collections, a little shy of $50, to Haiti relief through Lutheran World Relief. You can text LWR to 40579 to donate $10 to their efforts. LWR is a great organization that puts all relief donations to work to help people in need.

In the face of such destruction, many people are moved to ask how a loving God can let something like this happen — again and again — to Haiti.  Aside from the theories of Pat Robertson, this is a question that theologians and regular believers struggle with.

Check out this article in Newsweek which asks “If God is good and intervenes in the world, then why does he make innocents suffer? Why, as Job might have said, would God “crush an impoverished people with a tempest and multiply their wounds without cause? He will not let them get their breath.””

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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