A different approach to faith

There are many people who approach faith and their relationship with the Holy as hunters. We scan our environment looking for the places and people and events in which the Spirit is active, not just for truths and ideas about God. When we find those spaces we can drop everything to “pounce” — to explore what the Spirit is up to and join in. We may not be as good at tilling the fields of religious life, listening to sermons waiting for God to speak (which Brian McLaren points out is a spiritual discipline), serving on committees, perpetuating institutions.

This is what we are trying to do at Kairos Community. We’re trying hard to be open to those who are watching and waiting and noticing and want to embrace the movements of the Spirit even if they don’t buy the whole package. We serve side by side, people who “believe” and those who balk, and share our journeys and honor those that are not explicitly Christian as well as those that are. We’re hunters and farmers. And we want to sharpen the hunter skills, to foster our awareness of how God is working in and around us every day, and learn to appreciate those moments of distracted noticing and movements of the Spirit amid daily life.

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