Live. Serve. Grow.

The URL of our website — — may not exactly roll of the tips of your typing fingers. You might wonder why we use this address, since it doesn’t point anyone to Christians @ Large directly. Over time, it has become clear to me that this website name describes our approach to the life of faith in a simple trajectory: Live. Serve. Grow.

Live — Our faith is not a church thing, it is a whole life experience. Christ came into the midst of much and brokenness, not into a “holy place.” And our journey to become like Christ doesn’t start in our heads with learning, or when we “get ourselves right with God.” The first step in one’s journey with Christ is to live: To live in a relationship with God and with awareness that the kingdom of God is here and now. In your office, classroom, or kitchen. With your friends, your boss, even “those people.” It’s the last step, too, and every step along the way. The kingdom comes when we live into it, living out the love of the King.

Serve — Our faith is not for us. God is a missionary God, whose purpose is to renew and bless God’s world. Serving others, living for the sake of others, isn’t an add-on, a good deed. It’s a way of life, Christ’s way. Jesus’ service included healing, feeding, cleansing, restoring — and it led to a cross. Our service might be feeding the hungry or clothing the poor, or it might be being the presence of the kingdom in our home or workplace or even in our church. And it might not lead to a cross, but it will have a cost, in giving up part of our time, or our money, or our agenda in order to participate in God’s work. The kingdom comes when we are Christ to “the least of these” (who might actually be us ourselves).

Grow — Spiritual growth is a commodity in our culture, something we think the next Oprah® book, class, or retreat will bring us. But real growth isn’t something we go after. It’s a by-product of (you guessed it) living with and like Christ, and serving with and like Christ. And real growth is reflected in deeper living and wider serving. Prayer, reading, discussion and other “head” activities — and practices like fasting, body prayer and the like — always draw us back to our life and service in Christ. Our growth expands and multiplies God’s kingdom here and now.

Helping you find your place in this circle of life is our community’s purpose. Come live, serve and grow with us!

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