Mark Holy Week with Easter Vigil

We’re going to celebrate an Easter Vigil service on Easter Saturday, April 7. If you’ve never been to a Vigil, it’s a wonderful service, one of the most ancient in the Christian tradition. Of course, we will give it our usual Christians * at * Large spin. The service includes the return of the light after Good Friday, retelling key parts of God’s story of salvation, remembering our baptism, and celebrating Christ’s resurrection. We’re going to make it family and kid friendly by involving families in retelling parts of the story, and we’ll keep it to about an hour and finish with dessert. So mark your calendar and watch your email for more information. If you’d like to be part of the story telling or of other parts of the service, contact Maria or Suzanne. (Need contact info; call Bob at 267-377-7192 or email

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