Easter Vigil 2007

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

CAL’s Easter Vigil was a fun, relaxed and very meaningful worship experience. I’ve long loved the vigil because of its history — it’s one of the most ancient Christian services we know of, and was the time when the candidates for baptism (or catechumens) completed their instruction and were brought to the font. It’s also incredibly beautiful, wrapping up the essentials of the faith — God’s saving actions for his people, our entrance into a new life in the kingdom through baptism, and Christ’s continued presence with us in the community, its prayer, and in bread and wine. I’ve been to a number of vigils, some quite formal and well done, but this one was the best: Deep, ancient, reverent worship that engaged children in meaningful ways.

There were 29 people there, and almost everyone took part in some way in the service…

spreading the light of Christ:

Spreading the light

Telling part of the salvation story:

Taking animals to Noah’s Ark — The story…Noah

Sharing about the Exodus — The Story…Moses

The women at the tomb — The empty tomb

Remembering our baptism, praying and sharing communion:

Sharing communion

The band from the church formerly known as st. james’ got back together for the occasion. We also collected $190 for Manna, an organization that helps to feed persons with AIDS and other serious medical conditions and their families.

It was a wonderful journey out of the darkness of Good Friday!

The cross at Easter

Thanks to all who participated, and thanks to Pastor Mike and the people of St. Luke who lent us their space and participated with us. Especially, thanks be to God!

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