You’re blessed!

Read Matthew 5:1-12 in The Message

How much would those whom Jesus calls blessed be seen as blessed today? Do we think of the poor, the grieving, the hungry, the unjustly persecuted as blessed? If Jesus were here today, who would he be calling blessed?

Imagine what the world would be like if it were populated by people Jesus describes… the meek, the peacemakers, those who are satisfied, who seek God instead of wealth?

Read the text again, and listen for what jumps out at you… where do you hear Jesus speaking to you?

Spend some time with whatever you heard Jesus saying to you.

Maybe you’re at the end of your rope or feeling loss. Maybe you feel like you’d like to accept yourself as you are, or to have more of a thirst for God. Whatever it is, imagine Jesus looking at this area of your life with you.

What would he say to you about it?

What is he already doing in that area of your life?

What would you like him to do?

Spend a few minutes just talking with God about it.

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