Help needed for Thanksgiving baskets

Maria says: We are still in need of the stuff for about 2-3 Thanksgiving baskets…are their folks out there who are planning to help out with this and just haven’t let me know? If so, you can certainly still participate, but I’d love to know what to expect on Sunday so that I can plan accordingly to make sure we have everything we need to complete the baskets for families in need.
So…if you’d like to contribute any of the items below, just let me know by emailing


Here are the items needed for each family’s basket:
1 bag/box of stuffing mix
1 box of add-water mashed potatoes
1 can/jar of turkey gravy
1 pkg dinner rolls or mix (any type)
1 can cranberry sauce
1 can chicken broth
Any type of veggie (not green beans)
1 can/mix pie filling and crust (or frozen pie)
1 large foil pan
1 gift card for Turkey (ACME has these.I assume other stores do, too)
1 sweet of any type (candy/cookies/etc.)

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