Be still and know

Our Taize service last night was a wonderful time of waiting and contemplating the gift God gives us in Christ. We prayed. We sang beautiful music. We savored silence. We made room in the inns of our hearts.

We considered the story of Jesus through three lenses:

We let these stories wash over us and responded by contempating the empty cradle, lighting prayer candles and anointing, writing out our longings for what needs to be awakened in the world, in the church, in us, and by watching this video.

In our reflection time, we shared about what we heard differently and what touched us during this time. Three realizations emerged:

  • As Christ emptied himself for us, we need to empty ourselves so that we can make room for the gifts that God wants to give us.
  • The work God calls us into is helping everyone and everything find their place in God’s creation, healing all the broken and dislocated parts.
  • Everyone is included — and all of us are invited to join in that work.

May you find space to accept that invitation as we approach this Christmas!

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