The texts for the commemoration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus tell of God’s amazing, almost unfathomable love. Like a widow who turns her house upside down searching for a lost, valuable treasure, God seeks us out relentlessly — going so far as to send Jesus to die for us before we were reconciled to God.

Our worship focused on noticing and experiencing this care, and recognizing ourselves as the ones pursued by God. A PDF of our slides is linked below. Use it for a personal or family devotions. When you get the the picture of the sheep after the second reading, take some time to ponder these questions:

  • Does leaving 99 sheep to seek out one lost one make sense? Isn’t 99 good enough? What does this say about God’s love for you?
  • Take a few minutes to imaging God’s relentless love for you? How do you feel in the face of such love? Can you trust it?
  • When in your life have you been lost? Did someone seek you out and rescue you? Who? How did you feel if they did (or did not) find you?
  • How are you “lost” in the context of your journey with God? What is Jesus calling you to do so that you can be reunited with your Good Shepherd?

Enjoy! Thanks to Bob Hyatt for the background image.

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