Food for thought

One of the real blessings for me over the last couple of years has been the opportunity to explore the “emerging church” phenomenon. I’ve visited a number of communities that are experimenting with what it means to be the Church in a culture that’s no longer church-centered. I’ve gotten to know pastors, professors, seminarians and lay people who are trying some brave, inspired experiments — in house churches, churches within churches, new mission plants. Being a geek about this sort of stuff, I’ve read a lot, too 🙂

The bottom line is: We’re not the only faith community asking the questions we’re asking, questions like: What is church? What does faith formation look like today? Leadership? How do we structure ourselves for mission (instead of maintenance) while not weighing ourselves down too much? We have lots of companions on this journey.

Our questions require ancient-future answers. Looking back at the biblical witness, the story of how the early Church wrestled with these questions in their time and place, is important. So is looking around to see how faithful Christians here and now are finding answers (and more questions!).

So here are some articles I’ve found recently that might help us advance our discussion. If some of the topics are near to your heart, take a few minutes to read some of these pieces and let’s talk!

Happy feasting!

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