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Mission: Faith is a journey lived together to bless the world.

Christians@Large is a different kind of faith community.

Who is this community for?
For anyone who wants to meet, fall in love with and/or follow Jesus. Send us your questioning, your yearning, your people seeking a spiritual center in their lives.

What are some of our core values?
Scripture – God’s story that grounds our stories – and the sacraments are our center. Discipleship is a way of life. Church isn’t just a place to go. Faith is a relationship, not an idea. We are a learning ‘organization.’ We are open to everyone. Every person is equally important to the community. Everyone has a piece of the story, not just the experts. We learn/grow by questioning/experiencing. We are agile enough to learn from and respond to a changing community.

What are we passionate about?
Integrating faith into our lives – via questioning, discussing, experiencing. Understanding and living scripture. Mission – serving and discipling.

What is our approach?

We are a “co-op” church: We try to provide healthy food for each other and work together to provide what is most needed.

What describes us?
Interactive. Ancient/future. Humor. Edge. Relevance. Playful. Prayerful. Spiritual. Community ‘owned and operated.’

Intrigued? Want to know more? Contact us at bob [at] liveservegrow [dot] info or 267.234.7262.

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